Tony May – Italian Cuisine

Possibly my go to traditional Italian failsafe, this is such a great book and… there are no pictures!! SO no pictures in my blog either!!

This is THE book I cook my classics from, it’s straight from the Nonnas and the flavour profiles are simple, Italian elegance.

Recipe 1 – Fettuccine alla Carbonara

Has just seven ingredients and not one of them is cream!! This is pancetta, egg yolks and olive oil to create a creaminess and richness. I have a tendency to want to add lots more, onions, peas, peppers… but no! Salt and Pepper and pecorino are all you need. Hubbys favourite to pull out when the fridge is bear! There is always carbonara!

Recipe 2 – Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (Streetwalker Style)

Or as Nigella once said ‘Whores pasta’!! 11 ingredients including S&P! Again hubby looks like a rock star when he rustles this one up! So much flavour from such little capers and fishes! Love it!!

Recipe 3 – Lasagne de Carnevale (Meat ragu with ricotta and mushrooms)

This is a long and slow dish, the recipe calls for the ragu to be made the day before, imagine how much the flavour develops over the 24 hours and then you marry it with parmesan and mozzarella and YUM!! Perfect for a lazy weekend and for leftovers the following week – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!!

Recipe 4 – Stracotto (oven braised beef)

Cooking Italians for Italians, you must be crazy!! But those Italian boys were happy chappies! Flaking, soft, succulent beef in rich, think stew…. heaven. Again, spend some time on this, it cannot be rushed! Plenty of hearty veggies, lots of red wine, plenty of garlic 🙂

Recipe 5 – Peperonata (Peppers sauteed with oil and capers)

Oddly the capers were never mentioned so I just threw some in anyway! Barely cooked through, the peppers and tomato create the perfect side dish, just S&P and go!! YUM!!

I don’t know if you can still get hold of this book but I cannot recommend it enough! It’s not flashy and there was no food stylist and photographer on this project but the end result is exceptionally great flavours and heartfelt food that makes everyone smile!

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