Wk 34 / Bk 33 – Guillaume Food For Friends

The 2012 Cookbook Challenge – at least one recipe from one book, every week, for the whole year! Or 52 books at the end of the year!!

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2012 Cookbook Challenge :- Recipe counter: 117

This weeks book is Guilluame Food For Friends

Recipe 7 – Green Beans with pistachio pesto

Blanched fresh beans with a super fresh nutty basil pesto? Who wouldn’t love this!!

A super quick way to take veggies to another level! I could happily have this turned through pasta or with a few more veggies as a whole dish! What a great meal!!

Recipe 6 – Duck pies with shiitake mushrooms

The book has the recipe for mini pies as canapes but they easily transformed into a rather British pasty!! The filling was rich, wholesome and darn good!! The roasted duck meat and shiitakes mushies were a match made in heaven and great one to cook over a lazy rainy weekend!!

Recipe 4 and 5 – Gnocchi with beetroot, pumpkin and prawns

Firstly – homemade gnocchi ROCKS!! So much softer and lighter than emergency store cupboard supplies but I did spend an afternoon making it so each one has a time and a place!! This version has parmesan in and we made a whole lot!

So a little time and effort but totally worth it as the freezer is full of little fluffy potato pillows now!!

The recipe from Guillaume has pumpkin, beetroot and prawns in – a mix of the Autumnal veg with spring prawns but it totally worked with the parsley dressing! Totally love this gnocchi!

Recipe 1, 2 and 3 – Roast Chicken with chasseur sauce and Paris Mash

WOW – the perfect roast chicken!

AND the chasseur sauce? No comparison! Amazing!!

AND the Paris Mash?

It was a fair bit of work and it tasted great…. I didn’t go with all of the butter recommended! It was great….. so good I ate wayyyyy toooooo much!!!

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