Cookbook: Jamie Together

Cookbook: Jamie Oliver: Together

I really enjoyed cooking along with Jamie during the misery of global lockdown, bless him for pretending he was like everyone else and didn’t have much left in the fridge or cupboard but lets be British and Keep Calm and keep cooking!! It was a great series to remind everyone to have a bit more freedom (bad choice of words!!) and flexibility in recipes and that with cooking unlike baking, you can change up ingredients and still get a similarly delicious result!! No onions – use a leek, no cream – use yoghurt.. well something like that.  The whole family were there to laugh at his hair and enjoy lockdown lunches together and little Buddy was an absolute hero!! This book isn’t the recipes from that series but is a collection of good old Jamie’s not to hard to pull together something tasty but also in a bit of a friends and family feast mode – cook one dish or all of the dishes whilst you gather with the ones you missed and show them how far your cooking skills have come!!

Recipe 1: Cheese Puffs

Made these even better by going Gluten Free (better for me and those around me!!) They were THE BEST!! Still warm with salty butter – YES!!! Pretty easy to rustle up but I would maybe do double as you won’t have enough left by the time your guests come around!!

Recipe 2: Duck Tray Bake

Amazing sauce with orange and marmalade – seriously!! Love a good tray bake and to be honest I don’t cook enough duck and this was just delish – goes on the ‘Must make again’ list

Recipe 3: Tuna Carpaccio

So good I made it twice in 3 weeks!! Just need great quality tuna and then I skipped the quinoa and did unpodded edamame one time until I found the podded ones in the freezer section! Love the dressing and then did a bit of cucumber with one and some kick ass chillis, it’s all about that barely kissed seared tuna.

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