Sushi Burger Heaven

Long time favourite, I have no idea why there aren’t more Sushi Burger spots in Melbourne. A tiny little restaurant that has been on Exhibition Street for years and specializes in all the fun of a sushi burger. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about it’s the concept of a sushi roll meets a burger – where the burger roll is the moulded sushi rice and then the usual sushi style filling in the ‘burger’.

You can enjoy lots of lovely ‘burgers’ – soft shell crab, chicken and avocado, teriyaki chicken, spicy raw tuna, kani croquette and my favourite – ebi mayo.

The staff are quietly efficient and you will quickly have a table, green tea and menus before you can say Sushi Burger time! Averaging $5 – $7 there are more than your average sushi roll and though I always want to each two you really don’t need to! But you can share so you can experience two at the same time!

The Kani Croquette is DIVINE!! I adore all things gooey and fried! Who doesn’t?! But creamy crab and potato with tonkatsu and tartare sauces…….. shut the door!! So incredibly gorgeous!!

The Ebi Mayo is a firm favourite, super fresh, always pooped, prawns with the lightest tempura batter in their little sushi rice buns with a hit of fresh lettuce, tartare and teriyaki sauces… soooooooooo amazing!!!

It’s fast and it will always make you smile……………. Wish I was there right now!!

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  1. wow..sushi burger.. pretty cool concept looking at the pics it kind of reminds me of some of the stuff you can get from Mos burger… definitely going to try this out when I am in Melbourne later next month! 🙂

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