Sausage Pasta Salad

What to do with leftover sausages? Pasta Salad Ahoy!!

Not sure whether you can really call this a ‘salad’ I always think salads should be a bit green? Certainly healthy? Packed full of salady stuff!?!

Anyways! Leftover lovely sausages from the market – Chicken with garlic and herbs! Definitely shouldn’t waste so for lunch tomorrow – Sausage Pasta Salad!


Leftover sausage – we had 3 big ones!
Pasta – cook as much as you think you need – we made enough for three portions as we have three sausages!
Jar of Olives
Two fresh tomatoes
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Cook pasta as per instructions / taste, chop sausages, chop olives and tomatoes, put tomatoes in a pan and start to cook through a little – 5 mins or so and then add the olives, pasta, sausage to the pan and work the flavours through with a good slug of olive oil and seasoning.

Hey presto super tasty lunch!!

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