Wine Tour 2012 Pt 1 – Coonawarra

After a wonderful night at Royal Mail in Dunkeld we headed off to Wine Region number 1 of Wine Tour 2012 – Coonawarra. The bestest, longest wine road ever! How many can we make before we have to leave for McClaren Vale?

Winery 1 – Zema Estate

A perfect first stop for a glass of Cluny – a cheeky red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec, it is served by our lovely host full of smiles and great stories. But I get distracted by the wall of Mrs Zema’s produce and hot chilli paste on tasting!!

Wow! So good! Two jars of chilli paste, a Cluny and some olive oil and we are off to our next stop – wish we could stay for a Cluny & Clooney night though!!

Winery 2 – Majella

The weather is turning and the wind is whipping up as we head in to visit Majella, I need to start apologising that I’m too much of a reds mood today… in the Conna??? Really??!! Nowt so strange!

However the riesling is stunning and we quickly purchase a bottle and are off to the next spot…. just behind us throughout this trip are my brother and wife ladened with copious amounts of excellent quality reds!!

Winery 3 – Katnook

An excellent sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir was a fab start in this great cellar door, plenty of smiles and beautiful setting. Again I am distracted by the foodie products and the raspberry vinegar but I did also try a lovely riesling!

Winery 4 – Patrick Wines

As the weather goes crazy and vertical hail hits we find a wonderful place to stop and try a few more wines! Patrick have two brands with Patrick and Mother of Pearl.

With a great club and immediate 20% off my Fine Red Friends are already eyeing up the 2002 ‘Grande Reserve’ Cabernet as I merrily head off into Aged Riesling and Botrytis Semillon! The Jesse is a real winner!!

Mother of Pearl has a very respectable Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay as well as a fab NV Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot – you are coming home with me!! The rain breaks and we make a run for our next recommendation!

Winery 5 – Parkers

Impressive, sophisticated and refined there are some major reds here and just before I get lost in foodie corner and the garlic infused oil I am pulled back to make sure I try the wines before destroying my palate!!!

The Parker Favourite Son Shiraz is quickly snaffled with a wonderful dukkah and some handy tips on the fastest route to The Vale!

Winery 6 – Wynns

A ‘destination’ cellar door, this is the big boy on the winery mile and though it is all bells and whistles and a huge investment they have still retained fantastic staff who keep the cellar door personal and a great experience.

With fond stories of a Michael we bought many years ago and a bargain double pack the Red Wine Fiends are happy and we are off to our final destination for the day!

Winery 7 – Penley Estate

The lovely Bronwyn looks after us and we all fall in love with the Sparkling Pinot Noir and with a smile and a skip in our step we bundle into the car with a healthy hoard already starting to take up the boot!!

And we are off to McClaren Vale!!

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