Breakfast Frittata

I think this is my first recipe blog! I am sure it is inspired by the many cookbooks I like to peruse but this one was all made up on my feet in the kitchen!

Serves 4 greedy people or 6 more reserved!

8 Eggs – free range!
Left over veggies in fridge
Salt and pepper

It’s pretty simple!

Grease an average sized cake tin, scatter vegetables evenly in tin, we used rocket, chopped onion, chopped zucchini and red pepper.

Season and pour over whisked eggs

Place in 180 degree oven for a good 40 mins, keep checking until you have a brown top and minimal wobble!

Slice and serve, we have some lovely ocean trout and horseradish yoghurt!

It’s that easy and a great way to salvage veggies before they go in the bin!!

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