Oriental Tea House Dumplings

After a hard days shopping we need food! And Saturday afternoons should always include dumplings!

Oriental Tea House in Little Collins is a great place, the entrance is packed with all things tea! Tea pots, tea cups, tea, tea, tea!! The dining area is very modern and I really like the set up despite never making it to the cool acrylic stool table!

It’s all about the dumplings but first lets get some tea! Not surprisingly, the tea menu is pages and pages of green, herbal, chilled, chai and everything you can imagine and I always try something a bit new. What I should have done was try out the teas at the tasting station so that I would work out what I preferred, unfortunately ‘Happy tea’ was more like ‘Stuffy old cellar’ tea to me!! But it looked beautiful!!

Oh well, it’s the dumplings we want and off we go! Special Taro dumplings are nice though I should know I prefer steamed rather than fried, the roast duck dumplings are fantastic, packed full of lovely duck flavours!

From there we have wagyu beef and chilli, spicy, meaty, hot! They are delicious, then good old Pork Shu Mai – can’t go wrong! Baby pea shoots and prawn crystal dumplings are firm and full of great flavour and the best of the best, soft pillow BBQ pork buns bring a big smile!

It’s with full tums we head off home, no Happy Tea in our bags though!!

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