Miss Chu South Yarra

Miss Chu – the Queen of Rice Paper Rolls and more!

I can almost guarantee I might order the same thing every time I go to Miss Chu and I love it! I take a group and then coerce their thoughts to ensure I get my duck rice paper rolls and hanoi style spring rolls!

Now with a second Melbourne store and delivery bikes flying around and online ordering Miss Chu’s empire is taking shape and she might well take the reigns on the official Rice Paper Queen!!

For those that haven’t been the ordering model is genius! Order pads on your tables, tick the boxes and go up and pay and depending on how busy they are your drinks might beat you back to the table!!

So once your order is in your food is quickly delivered and let the feasting commence!

My favourite Roast Duck & banana flower salad – Roast Duck, shavings of banana flower, roasted aromatic ground rice, Vietnamese mint, perilla leaves, coriander, bean shoots, cucumber & red onion, dressed with hoisin & fresh lime = sensational!!

The Tiger Prawn & green mango is packed with Tiger Prawn, with shavings of green mango, vermicelli noodles, roasted aromatic ground rice, & a Vietnamese salad of mint, Vietnamese mint, coriander, perilla leaves & blanched bean shoots, dressed with a lightly spiced hoisin sauce… yum yum yum!!

The Steamed Dumplings are perfect with delicate light casings and wonderful fillings I just love, love, love!!

And then super healthy Vermicelli Salads with hanoi style pork spring rolls and Lemongrass Beef.

This is an amazing place and if you are lucky enough to get a seat and enjoy I would just stay there as long as you can!!

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