Recipe: Prawn & Ginger Dumpling Soup

Ginger prawn dumpling soup


Prawn and ginger dumplings – I buy amazing ones from South Melb. Market 😉

500ml Chicken Bone Broth

1tsp grated garlic

1tsp grated ginger

1 small red chilli sliced – use as you like, if it’s a no to spicy then take out the seeds and only add half 

1 large carrot sliced

2 spring onions slices

Handful of sliced mushrooms- as exotic as you like

4 leaves of bok choy sliced


Steam the dumplings.

In a separate pan add the bone broth and aromatics, then add the carrots, mushrooms and bok choy

The dumplings take 15 mins so I let the stock develop until they are done 

Serve in deep bowls – pop the dumplings in the bowl and then poor over the broth – I let mine cool for 10 mins!


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