Mahalo Poké

“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects

Well Big Respects to Mahalo Poké, and the team at Botherrambo for creating this vibrant, super healthy Hawaiian Poké bowls joint. You can ofcourse go the fried chicken option but the Salmon felt positively angelic compared to the burgers and ribs trending right now in Melbourne.

So it’s bright and super pretty, there is a breakfast menu with Hula waffles and Aloha Avocado (not your average avo toast) and super smoothies all going on but the poké bowls are what we can for!

Poké, pronounced (poh-keh) is a traditional Hawaiian seafood preparation; Poké is the Hawaiian verb for ‘section’ or ‘to slice or cut’

Your bowl starts with a base, so choose between kale, brown rice, jasmine rice or soba noodle. I am loving brown rice all the way at the moment but the kale looked strangely appetising too!

Then you choose your bowl;
– Spicy Salmon with Pickled ginger, corn, edamame, ka’ukama, carrot, purple cabbage, volcano ponzu and soy tahini sauce.
– Mahalo Tuna with Pickled chilli, heirloom tomato, ka’ukama, red onion, cabbage, pineapple and Hawaiian Gribiche.
– The ‘Kingfish with Heirloom radish, jalapeño, zucchini, ka’ukama, edamame, cabbage, pickle ginger and wasabi mayo.
– Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Corn, kimchi, ka’ukama, red onion, carrot and jalapeño Sriracha cream.
– Mochicko Fried Chicken with Pickle chilli, pineapple, ka’ukama, edamame, corn, wasabi mayo and tonkatsu bbq sauce.
– Buddha Beets with Roast Beets, zoodles, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, seeds, kale chips and soy tahini.

And then all signature bowls are topped with furikake, nori, crispy taro and shoyu. All in all you get a beautiful big bowl of healthy loveliness!

The Spicy Salmon was sensational! Beautiful cubes of super fresh salmon, loved the pickled ginger, corn, cheeky bright green edamame, ka’ukama (cucumber), carrot, purple cabbage, volcano ponzu and soy tahini sauce. Also loved the crispy taro topping. If this is the future of fast food we are all going to be in a better place!

Though you can still get a big deep fried Soft Shell Crab if you want too and hubby hadn’t ever had one he enjoyed so this was the time! Served with Corn, kimchi, ka’ukama, red onion, carrot and jalapeño Sriracha cream he really enjoyed though he’s may have spent too much time spent with food bloggers as he did say he really enjoyed it but it didn’t mix as well through the dish like the cubed salmon did.

Not only can you get these lovely Poke bowls but you can get a bottle of Hawai’s finest Longboard beers #HubbyHappy

I really liked my first Poké experience and I can’t wait to go back for more!

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