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Two mornings in a row I awake with the birds and you know what that means? We can get a table at St Ali! Usually when we mozy down at 11am there is a queue out the door and a 30 minute wait but not today! The menu has changed since we last managed to grab a seat and it is pretty heavy on the sweeter side of breakie with granola, bircher, crumpets, parfait, apple pie and pancakes but I am in more of a savoury mood so breakie will be Eggs on toast with sides, The Daddy, Koo Koo Ca Choo comes with crispy potato hash, braised mushroom ratatouille, poached eggs, gruyere and a chlorophyll and truffle vinaigrette…. La di dar!! There is also a smoked blue eye cod with eggs that sounds fabo and the grilled ox tongue with buttered yams and pork crisps for a little more of an adventure.

Lunch goes off into shaved veal tongue pastrami and lamb kefta or Royale with cheese, steak sandwich, gummy shark or pork chop.

So breakie… it has to be The Daddy for hubby, not that he is the Daddy, or a Daddy but when you find out it is a big ciabatta stuffed with egg, pork, chilli and fennel sausage, bacon AND St Ali brown sauce you know my hubby IS the Daddy!! Ok getting weird! Either way it was the happiest hubby at breakie I have seen for a long time and even though he had to deconstruct and choose what he was going to have to leave behind it was still a great $18 well spent…. One more silly comment – yes hubby was beaten by The Daddy!!

For me – you know it has to be My Mexican Cousin…. Look at those bulbous beauties! Corn fritters I can never turn down! These weren’t your usual flat corn studded little pancakes, these were fat, crispy little dumpling-esque fritters with a spongy, aromatic dough and corn kernels – the secret recipe is indeed very good! Poached oozy, brilliantly orange poached eggs swamped the bowl as they were pierced and were perfect to mop up with the fritters. Little corn and cucumber salsa was great and the halloumi was ok, it was a very thin slice of halloumi and didn’t have that big squeaky, salty kick that I love!

It was a great breakfast, was not the cheapest of the weekend but it was good and always nice to get in and catch up with our local.

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  1. I hate that I still haven’t been here… the getting up early part is ok, it’s just the big drive across town that I struggle with!! But it all looks so delicious… that breakfast sandwich would make for a pretty happy husband for me, too, I think!

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