Matsos Brewery at Transport Hotel

Broome came a knockin’ recently and were we glad to meet them! Matsos Brewery from Broome are bringing their big beer flavours to the whole of Australia and we were lucky enough to have a very special night at Transport Hotel and try some new beers with some great food. Matsos Brewery has that family feel to it, everyone is very passionate and rightfully proud of their product and they have remember their historical roots fondly and make sure everyone knows including their mascot ‘Diver Dan’ heralding from the days of pearl fishing, Dan now travels around introducing the Matsos way to the world.

Beer and Food Matching, it’s the new Wine and Food matching! With just as much love, science, effort and finessing in making your beer these days, they deserve a little of your time and some special consideration when choosing the right food flavours to partner with. We have a wonderful menu in front of us at Transport where the guys have worked with the Chef to make sure we get the very best from our Mango Beer tonight.

So – Mango Beer, I don’t think I have ever had this before, I have a few Belgium beers that add some lovely fruit flavours but never the Matsos Mango beer. And I love it! It is softer than a normal beer, it immediately feels less gassy and gentle, without being too acridly sweet from the fruit. It’s a winner!

And with food, even better! We were really spoilt on the night, but I think the best matches for me were the mini snapper pies

and the mini chicken sliders ….

And the polenta chips …. And the prawns….. yes they were all amazing!!

But Matsos does more than a damn good Mango beer, they also have a famous alcoholic Ginger which was fantastic! I can imagine that on a sunny afternoon over ice with some lime… maybe a touch of Frangelico!

The Smokey Bishop dark lager isn’t usually my sort of thing but I really enjoyed it. Pearler’s Pale Ale was bright and refreshing and a little too easy! There is also a Lychee Beer and a Chilli Beer!!

Matsos made one hell of an impression on us and we are converts for life, infact I feel a cold Ginger Beer coming on right now!

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