Love a good local and if you can score a seat in Freestyle you know it’s going to be a great day! Fortunately the day after Grand Final means South Melbourne is pretty quiet and we easily get a table and order our coffees whilst we drool over the menu. Freestyle always has the old favourites done well and a few dishes that offer something different from eggs and toast. Today we are torn between grilled mushrooms with haloumi and dukkah, Pancakes, corn cakes, crushed avocado with bacon and relish and potato, leek and chive croquettes with salmon AND a poached egg….. guess where I am going!!

Gorgeous fresh juice packed with orange, ginger and lemon – perfect pick me up before our food.

Hubby goes for the beef and basil sausages with eggs and toast and a side of salmon arrives too but he doesn’t seem fussed! The sausages are beautiful and a generous serving, eggs poached perfectly, toast that you can actually cut into and it is happy days all around.

Behold the potato, leek and chive croquettes with salmon and a gorgeous poached egg…. OMG so incredibly gorgeous, the croquettes are crunchy with a potato and cheese filling that is to die for. Add some of that gorgeous vibrant gooey egg yolk and a piece of smoked salmon and this is a dish I could eat all day!

The staff are always super friendly and I don’t think you can go wrong at Freestyle – Happy Days!

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Last published 23rd August 2013

Big fan of Freestyle Expresso, since they opened they have been delivering super healthy, super delicious food to South Melbourne. What a display fridge that is always full of wonderful fresh salads, croquettes, arancini, sandwiches, panini and so much more including a cheeky brownie or rocky road!

Brunch today is leek and potato croquettes with poached egg and herb salad……. OMG it is sooooo good, pop that perfectly poached egg and let the yolk ooze out onto super fluffy croquettes. I am in love with these beauties!

Pair with a perfectly brewed coffee and you know you are onto a winner!

Hubbies eggs are that perfect balance just before they set too far and past that not quite cooked – not an easy feet, some top chefs test their new cadettes just by simply cooking eggs!! This guy would be accepted straight away!! (yes, I am watching too much Top Chef!!). Hubby is also a sausage snob! Very fussy about low quality, fatty, ominous sausage fillings… these get a ‘hmmmmm’ of approval! And they are very delicious!!

Love Freestyle, I understand why I can’t even get a seat some days, maybe you need to expand and share more of the goodness!!


Last visited 6th August 2011

Breakie – the most important meal of the day! And at Freestyle they clearly understand this and provide a fantastic menu to ensure you are getting the best breakie possible.

We have been a few times since they opened and they have never failed to serve great food, the best coffee, friendly service and banging tunes!

This time it is corn fritters with avocado smush, rocket, poached egg and a great tomato relish and it is not a disappointment, the food noises are out!!

It is a hearty and very pleasing breakie but I am a little envious of my hubbies poached egg with bacon and smush and tomato on toast is looking great!

It is an important meal and I think it was the best it could possibly be!! Full tum and off to the market shopping – Top Tip Never shop on an empty tum!!

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