Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart

Revisiting an old favourite, George knows good Greek and for a lazy Sunday lunch I love a big, luscious moussaka, greek salad and my own lemon roasted potatoes.

Recipe 6 – Moussaka

This recipe is easy and incredibly delish, our friends loved it for lunch and we enjoyed it for lunch for the week after – it is quite big!!

Recipe 7 – Greek Salad

Perfectly simple Greek salad – can’t beat it and can’t stop eating it!


Last published 8th December 2012

Wk 47 / Bk 44 – Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart

Huge fan of Greek cooking and the big family feast over a mezze or two!! This is a great book full of wonderful, heartfelt family images and stories and fantastic Greek recipes!

My urban family are coming over for dinner so I want a table ladened with food and minimal time on the kitchen so this is perfect cooking! A truck load of pittas accompany three wonderful dishes.

Recipes 1, 2 and 3

The hummus is one of the best I have ever made, the previous post it not shouts 10/10!! And it is divine! Creamy, nutty, sharpness of the lemon – perfect! The tzaziki is super fresh and zingy with wonderful fresh yoghurt and cucumber. But the Roasted Beets with cumin seeds and dressing is THE best!!

Recipe 4 – Greek Meatballs

Oh Mamma!! Infact George’s Momma’s recipe! This is perfect! I made them early and then chucked them in the oven with some garlic roast potatoes and hey presto! Succulent, tasty and very popular!!

Recipe 5 – Greek Salad

As Top Chef teaches us a good salad is not as easy as you think, it can easily turn into a mushy, gritty, tragic mess!! BUT not this!! A perfect, simple and pretty sensational traditional Greek salad! Applause all around you rock George!!

The 2012 Cookbook Challenge – at least one recipe from one book, every week, for the whole year! Or 52 books at the end of the year!!

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2012 Cookbook Challenge :- Recipe counter: 178

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