Hot Cross Buns Time

Appearing before Santa has barely left the building, Easter brings the hot cross bun and heaps of chocolate! I have to admit I have long forgotten any religious significance, apparently traditionally eaten during lent, the cross symbolises the crucifix, sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship and they have also been if taken on a sea voyage will protect against shipwreck ….. Powerful stuff!!

Ultimately they are a delicious mix of flour, yeast, spice and currants and big business for many across the months before Easter.

Heston’s Lemon Myrtle Hot Cross Buns available at Coles

Delicious! The lemon myrtle is subtle and the buns are firm! There is a fabulous shine and plenty of currants. Not the cheapest – Heston charges a hefty $2 a pop but worth a treat.

Cafe Vue at 401 Hot Cross Buns

Available in traditional and choc chip these are beautiful. Traditional are soft, squidgy, sweet and perfect with real butter. The choc chip are my favourite! So good you can eat then untoasted and without butter. But toasted and with butter they are amazing! The chop chips go gooey and soft and I could eat these all year round if they let me!

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