Penang Road

Great spot on Clarendon Street, drop in and experience a casual and enjoyable Malaysian feast! Nothing fancy just damn good.

Sensational curry sauce and roti, could eat a whole lot of this simple but gorgeous dish.

Good spring rolls, not my favourite but still yummy.

Amazing BBQ pork and chicken combo with fragrant lemongrass rice. Such a gorgeous dish with pink, sweet pork and succulent chicken – anyone want to deliver this now?

Keoy Taow – love, love, love. Great big fat noodles and chinese sausage and prawns and so much flavour – Delish!

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Last published December 1st, 2012

South Melbourne just got a little bit better on the food front!! Penang Road has popped up and is bringing authentic Malaysian to Clarendon Street!

It’s hot so what better than lychee, ribena and sparkling water! Refreshing!! With no liquor licence or BYO these fruity glasses of fun are perfectly lovely to enjoy!

Nasi Lemak Chicken Chop! WOW!! Love this, hubby smiles and mutters something like ‘acceptable KFC’!! Fair enough, it is finger lickin’ good!! As you would expect, salty little fish, spicy sambal, crispy tender chicken and smiles all around!!

Keoy Taow is a winner! Big fan of this with a great portion of noodles, sausage, prawns and beansprouts, they are generous serves but I want to eat it all!!

Over order? Moi? Surely not!! Fried rice with chinese sausage and prawns – great flavour and perfectly cooked – if only we could finish this!!

Great spot, thanks for coming to South Melbourne!!

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