PATS The Philly Way!

Taking the husband to Pat’s, it’s been a long time coming!! Takeaway is a quick and easy option and with a magical parking space just outside we are are in and out in ten with a bag full of loveliness!

I can’t go past the traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich with jalepenos and cheese, it is seriously delicious and hubby went all out with the 12″ but I am happy with a 6″ packed with chopped up steak, grilled onion, cheese, mayo, mushrooms and salad.

SO good! Wish there was a bag on it’s way too me right now!!


Last visit 24th August 2012


The best sandwich ever!! Lets face it, anything with tender steak, cheese, grilled onion, cheese, mayo, mushrooms, salad….. its a winner!

PATS The Philly Way is a cute little spot on Bridge Road with friendly staff and great food! The menu runs through some great options for lunch and the fridge has a good selection of beers to enjoy too!

Gourmet Sandwiches cover all great bases with tender steak sandwiches dressed with a variety of flavours such as;

JUST GRAZIN’ – Seared steak, fresh tomato, caramelised onion, cos lettuce, aioli and relish
OH LA LA (THE FRENCH CONNECTION) – Seared steak, fresh tomato, lettuce, grilled onion and sauce béarnaise
GARLIC KISS – Seared steak, fresh tomato, grilled onion, cos lettuce and garlic cream
COW IN A PICKLE – Seared steak, bacon, cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, green tomato pickle and honey mustard mayo

But for me it has to the PATS PHILLY CHEESE STEAK – Seared steak, fried onion, cheese, mayo, mushrooms and salad. So amazing!!

This is the best, best, best!! Tender steak, no chewy cheap cuts here and then just oozey great cheese, mayo and fiery jalapenos!! Amazing!!

My friends ‘OH LA LA (THE FRENCH CONNECTION) – Seared steak, fresh tomato, lettuce, grilled onion and sauce béarnaise’ is a full sizer with plenty of flavour! It is quite sweet and I prefer my philly cheese but it is good!

Pats Chips are Tassie sourced and hand-cut with your choice of PATSTM secret seasonings – chilli please! And some lovely aioli and we are in heaven!

With the news that we can order online and they will deliver we are already plotting the next round of Philly Cheese!!

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