Park Lane Coffee

I gave up smoking 10 years ago now, I am now addicted to coffee, the socially acceptable addiction to dark, roasted, aromatic hot brew. Absolutely first thing on a morning, I often claim I can’t function without it and tea is not an adequate substitute! And then maybe an afternoon one instead of a sweet treat and sometimes I curl up on the couch when I have gotten home after a long day and let the good old peculator run me up a shot. None of this pod stuff, I create enough landfill without those too!!

South Melbourne has some pretty well regarded coffee jaunts and I like them all but my nearest and smallest is Park Lane. Barely bigger than my bathroom but way more fun! The coffee dudes are super cool and super friendly, they know everyone by name and what their fix is. There is always some sort of tempting slab of banana bread or freshly baked muffin on the counter and the menu is usually a mouth watering selection of just a few well thought out dishes, done well.

The coffee takes its time but when it gets there it is deep, a perfect shot, not over milky and a perfect temperature it’s a good reminder of the art of coffee! My peculator does a perfectly good cup of coffee to enjoy over the papers on a Sunday but this is a genius art work.

Often the most forgotten words in life these days – Thank You! Thank you Park Lane for making me amazing coffee, for smiling and saying nice things to me, for not scowling when I pay for my coffee with a $50 and for always being there when I need you!

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