Pana Choc

A few years ago the words Raw. Organic. Handmade. Teamed with chocolate would not have appealed but with my new found love for less sugar and confectionary I have found a soulmate with Pana Choccies!

Crafted in my hometown Melbourne and “with the vision that the chocolate should be good for everyone” these cute paper wrapped little bars are packing a real punch in flavour. The chocolate smells divine when you open it, a little bar because this chocolate is so rich you only need a little quare or two to keep you going.

The flavours available can take you anywhere – Coconut and Goji, Orange, Cinnamon, Rose, new Sour Cherry and Vanilla and the not so common Blue-green algae!!

My personal fave – Orange, no Mint, no Coconut…. hell – lets just have a different one each day!

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