Skinny Dog Friday Burger

Some fridays you just need a good burger from your local!

And she’s a beauty! Less the bacon and egg – those are for breakie!! This is a damn fine burger! Packed full of herbs and flavour it was a winner! The onion ring was impressive but not my thing, chips were damn fine!

See you next time we need a Friday burger!

The High Street Beef Burger with prime black angus beef with cheese, fried egg, crispy onion ring, bacon, cos and beer battered fries


Previously published 14th October 2011

Quite possibly the best steak sandwich ever!

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon – perfect Friday pub lunch weather and the Skinny Dog pub has a great outdoor area – we set ourselves up at one of the tables and the choices are tough!

Parma or steak sandwich? It’s a steak sandwich kinda day!

A generous plate with some fantastic looking fries, crispy, hot, soft centred with a dusting of herbs, I should have got salad but I am glad I didn’t !!

There is a tangy, sweet chutney on the side and the rest of the plate is sanger-ed up! Toasted fresh turkish rolls filled with a good size piece of steak, fried egg, bacon and salad – it is a man size portion of wonderful-ness! The meat is just right, not chewy or stringy just packed full of flavour and you bite straight through – thoroughly enjoyable!

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