Belles Diner – USA all the way!

After a big night at the Imax with wall size Bond we need an epic dinner! US Diner Style is perfectly at home with Belles! A great addition to the super cook Gertrude Street we don’t have to wait long for a booth and a bottle of wine!

Anywhere where you can get gherkins on the side is a winner but then we get to have ribs, chicken and burgers! Hurrah!!

Angus Beef Short Ribs with amazing BBQ sauce and salad – they just fall apart! Slightly tangy, slightly sweet very delish!! How easy did they come off the bone?

Oh yes!!!

Chicken was amazing!! Moist, crunchy and super spicy sauce and a very healthy coleslaw – a perfect dish!!

Oh the burger! So gorgeous, perfect, succulent beef with caramalised onions, cheese, gherkins and mayo – STUNNING!! And a very generous serve of fries – this would be such a temptation if we lived near here!!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake….. holy desserts batman!! This is a perfect one to share, just a little of this miracle of the modern world!! LOVE!!!

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