HuTong Dumpling Bar – Ducky Time!

Through the big metal door and into Dumpling wonderland!! I was always a big fan of the city HuTong but this is the bigger, better version with amazing service, great fit out and …. BBQ pork buns and Peking Duck pancakes!!

We always get the dumplings with hot chilli sauce, it’s frightening red and studded with chilli seeds but it’s not so hot but it is very tasty!!

BBQ pork buns are as good as you would hope! Packed with bright red tasty pork and soft fluffy buns!

Oh ducky! So cute and so very yummy!! I love peking duck pancakes and these were right up there in the top ten!!

Some greens and oyster sauce and we have had our 5 a day!

Just a perfect place to enjoy good food and relax!!


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