Workers Club BBQ Brill!

Wednesday Night is BBQ night at The Workers Club! Red River BBQ have taken a residency and they are packing the place out! It was a struggle to get a table but sooooooooo worth it!!

The menu is simple good Texan BBQ with pulled pork, brisket, wings and dip!

Brace yourself for my worst piccie ever! I wouldn’t usually use it but you cannot appreciate the cheesey loveliness of this pool of gooey, cheese delight!!

Classic Tex Mex Cheese dip there was a little gasp of excitement when I thought back to the Iron Cactus of Austin and the night where we ate so much guac and cheese dip and nachos – it is sooooo good! And this was perfect! Served warm with tortilla chips we could have had a similar problem on our hands but I was tucked in the corner and couldn’t order more!! Good job coz there are meat filled sandwiches to be had!!

But first………….

WINGS! Really good wings!! Red River BBQ, Honey Mustard and Habenaro Hot! Totally amazing, again could have gotten carried away on the spicy habanero ones – just fabulous!!

BUT the buns are out!!

Soooooooo happy! Hubby is happy to swop half way on a pulled pork and a brisket order so we get the best of both worlds! They are gorgeous! Slow cooked, succulent meat with Red River BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw and home made buns! So totally wonderful you cannot imagine… and you shouldn’t get down there! Every Wednesday you too could be this happy!!

AND then there are red velvet cupcakes – come on!!!

Yum, yum, yum leave your diet at the door and get your BBQ on y’all!!

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