Wk 12 / Bk 14 – 2012 Cookbook Challenge – Rick Stein Seafood

A recipe calls for crabmeat and we are ready to take on a new challenge and cook up some crabs at home! A happy jaunt to the market and we lick up two beautiful Blue Swimmers all ready for our gorgeous Crab linguine from Pete Evans book My Kitchen.

So a quick visit to google to check if Blue Swimmers are cooked when blue (don’t ask) and then we get into Rick’s book to check cooking and cracking techniques! So first we are blue..

And then a short time in their salty, bubbly bath…

And then they look so pretty and pink!!

Rick’s book is a fantastic simple step by step guide on ‘how too’ all things fishy!! With no problem at all we are soon cracking into to these little crabbies and extracting all the wonderful meat.

We picked up a set of claw crackers and the meat pickers and it is all pretty easy, good to remember to get rid of the weird alien like ‘dead man fingers’ apparently they aren’y too good for you!!

A fantastic book – I will definitely be cooking a lot more fish if Rick is going to make it this easy!

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