Snag Stand

Some days you just need a good sausage!! And what better a place than the delicious Snag Stand on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe!

With a plethora of choices from veggie, German Bratwurst, Wagyu Beef, Italian Pork and fennel, Chicken and Rocket…. It goes on and on! I wanted to stay all day and have a few snags in the sunshine!

But what I did discover was that they had a CurryWurst on the menu and just like happy memories of my childhood they have the real deal Hella German Curry Ketchup!! This was the most perfect Curry Wurst I have had for a very long time! The details were perfect from the spicy, fruity curry sauce slathered all over a chopped up ‘brattie’ to the bed of chips to take up the spare sauce and the little wooden fork to eat it with! The smallest things can make your day and this certainly made mine! It was spicy, hot and damn good!!

Hubbies German Bratwurst in a rustic roll with onions and German mustard is also totally awesome and completely authentic!! The conversation goes a little strange with discussions of the sausage ‘coffin’!! Or as we would call it the perfectly designed sausage box!!

The staff are lovely and super helpful with my requests to try and buy the currywurst (sadly no!) and the voucher redemption for their fantastic 1st Birthday offer! My lack of a printer means no free chilli fries samples but everyone is very nice about it and I probably don’t need them with the gorgeous CurryWurst fun!

Seriously good sausage – I dare you to try and walk past without falling into their trap!!

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