John’s Pizzeria NYC

Another brilliant recommendation! Down Bleeker Street – super cool – is the gorgeous pizza joint John’s Pizzeria

A short queue before you are escorted inside to the smallest, cutest pizza spot in NYC (that I visited!!) I am chuffed to get a booth and they are so cool!! The years of ‘etching’ have created wooden booths carrying the marks of everyone who has visited!!

There is a no slice policy – why would you!??!! There are about 50 pizza variations on the menu but they politely state this is just a selection and you can have whatever you like!! I am a simple pizza girl so the 36 is definitely a winner! Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, peppers and black olives YUM!!

It is perfection! Super thin, crispy crust, rich sweet tomato sauce and just the right amount of toppings to deliver the amazing flavour without overloading the base!

Couple of Buds and we are happy to sit and eat our wonderful pizza and watch the rest of the world go by – I wish we could come back soon!!

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