The Everleigh – Get there!

When exploring Melbourne’s 500 bars the best ones are those that pose a little adventure before you get there! Track them down, get directions, enter dark alley ways and unmarked doorways – almost Alice in Wonderland-esque as you find the rabbit hole and dive in!!

The Everleigh is no exception, I missed it last time, though I wasn’t trying hard enough! It’s not too hard to spot the old Dante’s now looking all sad and derelict and then just to the side is a shiny new entrance way, a snazzy spot of wall paper and up the step to the promised land.

Through the door Alice, up the stairs, around the corner and suddenly you fall into a dark, cosy, intimate space, candles twinkling, bottles and books lining the walls. The big, dark wooden bar greets you as you enter, as do the lovely, friendly staff who quickly get you installed in a booth with menu and yummy (complimentary) soy crisps! A clever trick that not only soaks up a bit of booze but also distracts you with something free whilst the fabulous barmen russle up cocktails, lovingly made for each customer.

The bar staff are adorable, they want to make a cocktail to fit you! What do you like, light or dark, dry or fruity, whatever you want they are there to make sure you are served the cocktail of your dreams.

Well known for their New York brother Milk and Honey, the guys are bringing New York style to Fitzroy with chandeliers, old school tradition and decorum and rip-rawingly good cocktails!

I’ll be honest I took a horrific picture of the menu to try and remember my cocktail but I didn’t want to ruin the intimate ambiance with my flashing away and ultimately we ended up with no recollection of what we drank apart from the smiles and promises to come and try some more next time!

I know my cocktail was zingy, fruity and everything I love, I think there was gin! Definitely lime! How bad is that! Let’s face it a cocktail is a very personal choice so no matter what I had you should try something that screams ‘Drink me’ in your own personal way!

The guys here are so welcoming that we were sad to leave but our promises to jump back down the rabbit hole will be honoured, see you soon!

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