Gami = Beer and Chicken

 It’s as simple as that – Beer and Chicken, tee-totallers and vegetarians beware!!

The little spot just off Exhibition Street playing home to Gami is always a hive of activity and we booked a few weeks out to make sure we would had a prized booth on a cold Friday night.  It is already in full swing when we arrive at 7pm and the waitress happily lets us hang out at another table with menus and snacks, some sort of yummy crisps, whilst we wait for our table.


Installed in our booth and the decisions are easy;

Number 1 – It’s KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – three ways original, sweet chilli, soy garlic OR mix up a half / half!

Number 2 – What size beer? Small? large? KEG? Always the 4 litre keg!!

There are some fanciful sides, corn and cheese, chicken gizzards but really its all about the chicken!

The corn and cheese was actually nice … at first, probably a bit much after the third spoonful unless served on a pizza base!

The chicken was great, yummy, crunchy, not greasey and the sauces broke up the mass of chicken and bones that covered the table!

It was a waiters dream come true – plates of chicken and a keg you help yourself too – see you later!!

The extraction system was excellent considering the amount of KFC going in the fryers.

It was a great place to rock up and hand out, catch up over a keg and some yummy food, its not somewhere I would go every week but hey, I don’t need to THEY DELIVER!!! But seriously it isn’t for the health conscious but you could do a lot worse!!

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