Mr Burger

On a sunny Friday lunchtime someone had a genius idea…. Burgers! But where oh where can we go? Don’t worry Mr Burger has conveniently parked on Church Street and are just waiting for our order!

Great menu, I appreciate a simple offering of burgers, more burgers and fries. The Mr Burger has me written a over it with a simple patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and sauces. You can double your patty fun for just $3 more. Or you can go past simple and off into bacon, caramalised onions, BBQ sauce, onion rings, jalapeƱos or falafel for the non meaty fans.

Chips come as just old regular or you can get down and dirty with poutines (gravy) or trucker chips with bacon, cheese and special sauce hmmmmmmm.

So within minutes a beautiful burger is in my hand and on his way back to work. I love a good burger and have a little top 5 tally I keep to myself and I have to say this was definitely up there and possible contender for number 1!

Great bun – the foundation of any good burger, fresh and firm enough to hold the burger and its contents. This was a perfect bun and held all our salad and sauce together till the last bite.

The patty, cooked just over pink, was juicy, meaty and tasted damn good. No nasty cheap meat or padding in this burger.

Salad and sauce in perfect ratios, maybe a touch heavy on the mustard but loved that it had ketchup, mayo AND mustard – all the sauces make the burger.

Chips good, portion size just right and cooked with fryer love.

We are loving Mr Burger and will be back again very soon.

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