The Pantry

Already a big fan of Royale Bros, the Pantry Brightons sidekick burger spot, the Pantry Deli has now opened on the other side, like a pair of perfect bookends for busy, hungry people. The Pantry Deli is a wondrous cavern of foodie delights with glass fronted fridges packed full of the stuff dreams are made of! Cheese – so much cheese, great wheels and wedges from around the globe. The creamy hero of D’Affinois, the Gippsland Shadows of Blue… to name but a few!

The next fridge is all your meats with prosciutto, salami, sopressa and jamon. On top of the fridges olives, anchovies, pasta sauces, pickles and chutneys. And then a fridge full of salads for all tastes ancient grains, Mexican, Asian, Veggie and more.

And then another fridge packed full of ideas for dinner that you can pack up and take home. Butter Chicken, Meatballs, Beef Cheeks with kim chi, cauliflower gratin and macaroni cheese loaf!

And then there cakes and bread and dips and………………….. is there anything they don’t do?!?!?

We were lucky enough to take home that amazing macaroni cheese loaf and heated that up with the ancient grains salad – hubby has never thought I have cooked so well! We also had a sensational local loaf, so incredibly fresh and wonderful with real butter. For dessert we snuck in a gluten free chocolate brownie – the most sticky, dense, chocolatey wedge of wonder…. So good!

It was a tough choice on what to take home with so much delicious food on offer but don’t worry you can pop by anytime and grab yourself a feast.

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