Discover India

If you happen to find yourself in Yarragon, perhaps sampling some of the wonderful wineries of Gippsland, and are passing Discover India you should definitely make a stop. Though lunchtimes are more cafe fare, if you know the right people or politely ask for the evening menu, you can have some of the best curry available this side of the world.

Offering all the favourites, bhuna, tikka, vindaloo and more we started with the very lovely samosas.

Delish! Lovely potato and pea in a crisp shell and a very lovely mint raita dip.

Our curries were sensational, Lamb Saag Walla, Beef Bhuna, Mutter Paneer and more.

Just beautiful, sadly no naan as the tandoor isn’t on during the day but seriously good curries are hiding in Yarragon!

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