Smith and Daughters

An invitation to come along to the ‘First Look Feast’ at the all new Smith and Daughters on Brunswick Street was too good an opportunity to turn down. I am so glad we went along, the guys behind this venture have set up a ‘Plant based Latin Cuisine’ restaurant will fool the biggest meat eater into forgetting it is not making an appearance!

The staff are one of the best things at Smith and Daughters, incredibly welcoming and worked so hard for the rest of the night to make sure everyone had a great time and enjoyed the feast that we were treated too. The jalapeno margeritas are the second best thing!

The oyster mushroom and white bean ceviche with twice cooked plantain chips was incredibly tasty and refreshing, the oyster mushrooms were gorgeous.

Tuna and Green Pea croquettes are delish! With Spanish bechamel and a caper aioli, I could eat a bucket of these!

The pazole was beautiful, a rich Columbian broth with pickled purple cabbage and crispy tortillas.

Cactus tomales ahoy! And still no meat but who misses it? Not me!

Stuffed Mexican peppers with a fantastic light, crispy batter and tomatillo sauce. Mine was huge!!

And then there is the paella, cooked in the middle of the restaurant, the waves of garlic and chilli fill the room and we enjoy a glass of wine whilst Shannon and Mo get their huge paella going. Served with ‘Fawn’ fake prawn and veggie sausage it is the first time I realise I am chomping away on a vegetarian feast and I don’t mind at all!

The guys could not have made everyone feel more welcome, everyone had a brilliant time and we are sure we will be back to enjoy the full menu very soon.

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