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Back again, sun shining on the deck and we are hungry! The lovely Luigi has some new special dishes so we have to try them!!

So firstly – my FAVOURITE dish White anchovies, shaved fennel, capers and olives – I want it right now! I think I could eat it everyday!

SO fresh, perfectly balanced with the acid of the pickled fish… LOVE!!!

Chargrilled octopus with fregola, vegetable salad and agro-dolce dressing – stunning!! Big, real pieces of octopus with suckers and all! Meaty and absolutely delish!!

Pork, pistachio and pancetta…… oh yes baby!! A touch of brown rice and a freshly podded pea and it feels like we are eating a feast but it is all totally good for us!!

Stunning little meatballs, rich, deep sauce with super succulent meaty- balls!!

Pate di fegatini, chicken liver parfait, mustard fruits and foccacia – nuff said!!! Sooooo delish!!

And a wonderful ‘Primavera (bianca)’ Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, prosciutto and rocket Pizza perfection and all with a gorgeous glass of bubbles and fantastic service!

Love the deck – it might be my new fave spot for Summer… and Winter!!!


Previously blogged 7th September 2012

Hawthorn is quickly becoming the place to be! With a cool new eatery opening on a weekly basis we are spoilt little kitties!!

I love what they have done with Orto Kitchen and Garden, natural, fresh, open and cute, it’s the small touches that brings together a really lovely place to be!

Arancini smoked mozzarella, peas and tomato are gorgeous! Crispy, oozey, delicious and the smokey flavour is heavenly!!

White anchovies and shaved fennel with olives – OMG!! I love white anchovies and I love this dish, perfect seasonal flavours and the little hit of basil lifts the mouthful to another level!

Calamari with lovely aioli, happy days! On a bed of light salad and perfectly cooked this is one of my favourite dishes!

Hand stretched pizza bread with mozzarella, tomato and basil is a great little dish to share and super fresh on its fluffy dough base with chunky basil, mozzarella and fresh basil – YUMMMMM!!!

And the sausage on fennel – just gorgeous!!

With summer around the corner the outdoor area is going to be a great place to be and I love the garden steps!!

Lucky old Hawthorn – another great place to be!

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