Oh Baby Baby Pizza!

The much awaited next venture and update to the old Pearl location in Richmond has not failed to deliver! We manage to snaffle one of the last seats in the house and we get to look over the antipasto bar as the guys are doing their thing. The fit out is gorgeous! Very cool but comfortable, very chic without pretention. There are some luscious accents flying around the place and it only adds to the feeling that we are somewhere fabulous on a little holiday!!

The menu is huge, there is antipasto, boards of beautiful wafer thin cured meats, insalate, salads bursting with fresh herbs and leaves, there is ragu, cheese, meatballs and ofcourse pizza!

Pizza choices are varied with but traditional toppings, plenty of ‘fior di latte’, ‘san marzano tomatoes’, ‘fresh basil’ and a touch of chilli, sausage, prosciutto and parmesan! I have a theory that the best best of any place is the Margherita, if they can do it well you know anything else you eat there will be fabulous!!

Sensational – fior di latte, san marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, sicilian olive oil. No messing just perfectly fresh and perfectly… perfect! But you know what makes any perfectly thin, amazing margherita just a touch better….

A side of anchovies please!! Oh Yes!!

As a friend would say “I love those hairy little fish!!” and they are so very loveable!!

So the place is pretty big and it is very busy, there is a fair trade for takeaway pizzas and out food did take a little while with one of our pizzas not arriving until our other friend had nearly finished but the guys at Baby Pizza handled it brilliantly and we didn’t even have to pull a face – the waiter was thoroughly lovely and apologised and offered to remove from our bill without a moments hesitation. Textbook perfect service!

Regardless we all loved our pizzas, the Salsiccia with fior di latte, spiced italian sausage, friarielle and chilli was really good! We could have gone more chilli but we love the burn!! With a no bookings policy you have to time it right but it is so worth the trip!

Exceptional Pizza Baby!!

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