Sichuan House

I must stop trying to kill my friends with spice!!! It’s a cold Friday night and the bar I picked that was supposed to have great bar food is a bit cold and loud and the bar food seems to be a cheese plate so we scurry off in the rain and I have the great idea of Sichuan House. Perfect on a busy Friday night, you can always get a table and it’s BYO or just super cheap anyway!!

The menu is huge but I have a few favourites and they do dumplings so everyone is happy.

So if you want to try and kill your less spice tolerant friends you have to go for the Sichuan pepper covered fried chicken nibblets!! I adore this dish, it’s all kinds go wrong with weird little boney bits of fried chicken absolutely covered in Sichuan peppers. In my mind the peppers are all there to make the dish look pretty and pretty scary apparently!!! Not perhaps the gentle burn I estimated as my poor friend goes a little purple and gargles on the Pinot Grigio. Oooopppsss I really do have a high tolerance for spice lately – be warned – don’t listen to me!!!

Xiao Long Bao are not spicy – fortunately!! They weren’t my favourite but everyone else loved them so I was happy to donate mine and get into that Sichuan!

The dry Sichuan beef skewers are amazing, again that gnarly, fried effect with heaps of numbing spice and … hmm just gorgeous!!!

The sizzling steak was another not spicy, friendly dish, and was super succulent cubes of beef with broccoli – yum!

Ants climbing trees – love these glass noodles with black beans, they were addictive!!

Roasted duck was ok, I loved the spicy dipping sauce as it was a bit bland otherwise. It was a table full of great food and good times, Sichuan House is still a solid favourite and there may always be a queue but there will always be a table eventually and it is worth the wait.

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