The Burger Book Adventures

Any excuse to go on a burger rampage across Melbourne!! I love a good burger – who doesn’t? And we are pretty spoilt in Melbourne, so much so you can now buy The Burger Book and take the burger challenge – How many places can you visit? The book is a beautiful combination of burger stories, recipes for the perfect burger elements and a tour of the best burger joints across the suburbs.

So who did we visit?

Third Wave Cafe – Port Melbourne

Great burger, packed full of flavour and perfect bun!

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The Railway Hotel – South Melbourne

Damn good burger, nice seeded bun, good, succulent patty and fresh salad. Tomato relish was a definite winner!

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Lamaros South Melbourne

Cheeseburger, Pickle, Dijon, Fries – $17 Great meaty patty with heaps of flavour, zingy mustard and shoestring fries that you cannot stop eating!

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The Richmond Hotel – Richmond

It’s a big boy! Good bun, great burger, runny egg, fresh lettuce and cheese. Great fries and happy days!

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The National Hotel – Richmond

Nice roll, succulent patty, good salad, quite a heavy slab of beetroot relish and great fries!!

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Zombie Burger – St Kilda

The Zombie Burger – Go Classic! Fire-grilled grass-fed beef, beer caramelized onions, melted American cheese, dill pickle, vine-ripened tomatoes, oakleaf lettuce, topped with American mustard, our special ZB ketchup, signature ZB mayo on a toasted brioche bun. FRICKIN amazing, I love a good burger and this was one of the best!

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The Tree of Us – Richmond

The hamburger with lettuce, relish, mayo and dill pickle is perfection! Each element is carefully considered from the bun to the rosey charred beef chuck patty. Might be my top burger ever!!

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The B.East Brunswick

The burgers are fun and fabulous! Choose from the classic or go crazy with Sexy, Filthy or Easy!!
Sexy covers double beef, double cheese with jalapeno mayo! The Easy is with bacon, egg and tomato and the Filthy…. mustard fried beef, cheddar chilli paste and jalapeno mayo! It is truly filthy!!

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The Skinny Dog – Kew

This is a damn fine burger! Packed full of herbs and flavour it was a winner! The onion ring was impressive but not my thing, chips were damn fine!

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Huxtaburger – Collingwood

Ladies and gentlemen I give you – DENISE(the hot one) Huxtaburger with jalapeno & sriracha mayo – there are not words to explain how mind blowingly amazing this burger is! The beef speaks for itself, rich, succulent, meaty!! And then to chuck a bit of jalapeno in there.

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Queen Street Rescue – Melbourne CBD

This is a BIG boy burger, it is a hefty piece of meat but great quality and lovely and succulent and well held together! With simple accompaniments the great burger speaks for itself and great fries too!!

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Andrews Hamburgers – Albert Park

The burger was great! Roll – good, firm, held well!! Burger – good size, good char and tasty!
Accompaniments – browned onions been a while and really nice, excellent cheese, ketchup and a touch of lettuce!

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Albert Park Hotel

The burger was good! Excellent sesame roll. Burger – good size, lots of spice and tasty!
Accompaniments – beetroot, mustard, aioli – yum!

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Possible contenders for The Burger Book Part II;

The Royale Brothers – Brighton

Seriously good burgers – read more here

Other favourites;

Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill – Moorrabbin

The Fish Market – Richmond

Rockwell and Sons – Collingwood

and maybe taking the burger outside the box maybe The Sushi Burger

Congrats to Mark, our lucky winner of The Burger Book promo in May 2014.

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    1. CONGRATS Mark – our lucky winner! Let me know the best address to send too.


  1. I had the Gourmet Burger at the Third Wave Cafe. It was incredibly delicious and different to any other burger I’ve had before. I give it 10/10!

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