Chilli Prawn Pasta

Pasta – the best fast food ever! My absolute ‘go to’ for a quick simple lunch or dinner! I adore shopping the aisles of pasta with a million shapes and sizes and colours to play with! After spending a fair bit of time with back to basics Italian cookbooks I now understand that pasta shouldn’t have 10 complex ingredients – just fresh and simple!

My chilli prawn pasta has only 5 ingredients;

Pasta – your choice, a spaghetti, tagliatelli or long permed spaghetti like this one!!
Chilli – finely chopped – seeds and all
Prawns – shelled and de-pooped! I found it is easier to buy raw prawns as these are much easier to des-hell and pull out the whole poop shoot!
Olive Oil – table spoon
Garlic – one clove crushed

Get your pasta on with plenty of salty boiling water and then in another pan place a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic and chilli in until fragrant! Chuck in your prawns and mix around until beautifully pink!

take a 1/4 cup on your pasta water out and then strain and add to pan with prawns, add a touch of the water to lubricate and then serve! Add another splash of good olive oil and a touch of salt!


2 thoughts on “Chilli Prawn Pasta

  1. This looks so good. I can only imagine what it tastes like though, because I developed a rather annoying intolerance to prawns a few years ago. 🙁

    What type of pasta is that? Is it simply called ‘permed spaghetti’?

    1. Thanks Norman! Twitter confirmed the pasta was long fusilli! I reckon permed spaghetti has a good ring to it!! Sorry about the prawns…. I could still love this with good mushrooms!!


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